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'Welcome to the Global Service Entertainment, ''Together we can change the World''. We proud to introduce to you Global Service Entertainment. We are strong! We are determined! We will strive to help you succeed'



To be theworld’s leading Crypto-currency company meeting the highest standards of integrity and excellence while applying a sound and astute business acumen.


To touch a billion hearts by enabling them to fulfill their life goals.

Movie Making

Filmmaking (or, in an academic context, film production) is the process of making a  film, generally in the sense of films intended for extensive theatrical exhibition. Filmmaking involves a number of discrete stages including an initial story, idea, or commission, through screenwriting, casting, shooting, sound , recording.

A take is over when the director calls "cut!", and camera and sound stop recording. The script supervisor will note any continuity issues and the sound and camera teams log technical notes for the take on their respective report sheets. If the director decides additional takes are required, the whole process repeats. Once satisfied, the crew moves on to the next camera angle or "setup," until the whole scene is "covered." When shooting is finished for the scene, the assistant director declares a "wrap" or "moving on," and the crew will "strike," or dismantle, the set for that scene.

At the end of the day, the director approves the next day's shooting schedule and a daily progress report is sent to the production office. This includes the report sheets from continuity, sound, and camera teams. Call sheets are distributed to the cast and crew to tell them when and where to turn up the next shooting day. Later on, the director, producer, other department heads, and, sometimes, the cast, may gather to watch that day or yesterday's footage, called dailies, and review their work.

Brand Promotion

Companies are always trying to promote the products and services they offer. In what's known as "brand promotion," the brand promotes itself. Shifting its focus to the brand as a whole, the company tries to drive awareness of what it is and what is does, with the overall idea that a more familiar brand is more successful than a brand no one has heard of.

If brand promotion is performed successfully, there are several benefits for the brand itself. The brand’s consumers will likely become more loyal to the brand, rather than just fans of a particular product. The result will be that the consumer chooses other products within the brand’s line over those of competitors and even becomes a brand advocate, telling friends about the brand. Successful brand promotion should also lead to more sales, as more consumers become aware of what the brand does.

Brands can explore different strategies to keep consumers engaged. One popular tool is branded entertainment, or creating some sort of social game for the user. The benefits of such a platform include submersing the user in the brand's content. Users will be more likely to absorb.

What just a few of our fans have to say about their experience buying tickets at Event USA…

We wanted to thank all your staff for the wonderful day that you allowed us to have. It will be the most memorable experience of our life to have had our wedding celebration at the tailgate party and to have had an opportunity to have seen a Packers game. Thank you for the wonderful gift and sharing our day with us. The tour of Lambeau Field was another highlight for my new husband Bradley as well as meeting the players was for myself. Tundra Lodge was a wonderful place to stay and recommend anyone going to a Packers game for the first time to take the MVP package. Well worth it. We had the time of our lives and thanks again. We will be sure to return again for another trip someday soon.


For over thirty years, the Fund for the City of New York has been pioneering the development of emerging technology for public-minded missions. In the 1970's, the Fund began working with mainframe computers to create Sanitation Scorecard, the first systematic methodology that used direct observation to measure government services in the United State. Sanitation Scorecard remains a vital tool for New York City government and is currently managed by the Mayor's Office of Operations.

In the mid-1980's, the Fund shifted to innovative applications of personal computers to help government agencies streamline operations, expand services and improve performance. In 1985, the Fund, with its partner, the Office of Pupil Transportation of the New York City Board of Education, placed first in the Microsoft Windows World Open, for the best use of technology to improve government or nonprofit performance in the U.S.





  • Direct selling has proved itself to be an evergreen framework, attractive to all generations, to create value.
  • Used by some of theworld’s most recognized brands to market products & services to consumers.
  • Unique in that its sales force comprise millions of independent entrepreneurs.
  • One of themost successful human interaction industries.


Princess Isabelle Lafforgue

My vision for the New Mindanao is the same as yours. I dream of a place that is peaceful, progressive and where the beauty of nature and the people’s hearts are preserved. I have come with a simple mission, and it is to contribute towards each one of you living better lives.

It is the realization of oneness with you that inspires me to do my humble part and contribute my humble share. Now that I have seen the beautiful island of Mindanao, now that I have enjoyed your wonderful hospitality, and now that I have met you, all very kind and very warm people, I feel that I am at home, that from my birth, and even before that, I have always been destined to come here and be part of your lives.

Princess Isabelle Lafforgue is an internationally renowned lifestyle consultant specializing in interior and floral design, as well as event planning and decoration. She is foremost a designer and entrepreneur who has founded her own company in Hong Kong, Isabelle International Design, and has been successfully serving a unique clientele of top hotels and corporations across Asia, Europe and the US for the past 20 years. She has created masterpieces for some of the most prestigious galas and extravagant weddings in the international community. These events have received acclaim and high praises, and are memorable due to her unique attention to detail and creative magic that are evident in her life-sized floral designs, undoubtedly the extension of the majestic aura she possesses. Owing to her gentle and responsible nature, which resonates in her work with flowers, she is at the same time an enthusiast and advocate for peace. Due to her warm heart and understanding for the needs of the underprivileged, she has been involved in charitable work since her very young age.